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Sophia (10) and Andrew (7) were on quarantine since mid-March 2020 in London. They last went to school on 21sr March and have witnessed gradual closure of all public places since March 15, including our local tube stations. Within just a few days the ever busy London came to a full stop. While they have greatly enjoyed the surreal experience of riding bicycles on the empty streets of Central London, they have also missed being at school, seeing their friends and having play dates. They have diligently completed 10 weeks of home schooling and stayed positive throughout, but are also excited to slowly return to normality. Both parents have busy jobs in banking and have juggled home schooling the children, cooking healthy meals and working full time (which often extended into the late evening hours!)


Timofei 11, Yelisei 10, Yerofei 6 are three boys who live in Hamburg. They have found that quarantine is not so bad. Especially they liked not going to school. Who needs friends if you have two brothers, a courtyard and a house full of craft supplies. Their father continued working at his office and has hardly noticed any change. The mother was preparing for the final exam at her school, cooking three times a day , washing , cleaning and watching that the children don’t kill each other during their fights. And most importantly the mother was supervising the homework, Zoom meeting, Skype calls of three lovely children.


Matteo, 10 spent quarantine in his Moscow flat with his mother and grandmother. He stopped attending school by choice before the official lockdown. Isolation was a tough experience for Matteo who used to spend a lot of time with his friends. He found a way to direct his energy into baking, making bread, loaves and pizzas two three times a day. At some point he produced more that his family could consume and started sending his baking to friends to cheer them up on quarantine. Everyday Matteo would check world covid statistics and hoped for the borders to open as his father lived in Rome, Italy. They spend a lot of time on facetime dreaming how they would meet and have a wonderful seaside vacation. However it is unfortunately not certain if it would be possible at all this summer as borders are still closed as of the end of July 2020. To be in the fresh air, Matteo planted flowers and regularly washed the windows on the balcony.

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New York

Lilou 8 years old girl from Brooklyn NY. She’s just one kid in a family being quarantined. Lilou has zoom classes at her regular school, as well as guitar and singing classes, Saturdays Russian school. She wasn’t lonely because she had her family, mother who works as an architect and father who works just non-stop 24 hours a day. Lilou was delighted with quarantine while her parents are not very happy. ))

The Netherlands

Amelie (9y) and Laura (5y) are living with their mom in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). On 27 of February 2020, COVID-19 was confirmed to have spread to the Netherlands. All schools were closed and the kids were obliged to follow the online (Zoom or Skype) lessons. It took a few days to get the normal daily routine, which of course doesn’t provoke sufficient enthusiasm by the young ladies. Swimming lessons, water polo and piano lessons were cancelled as well. Luckily the trampoline was a good solution to burn all consumed candies and cookies calories. During social isolation we discovered quite a number of new hobbies, e.g. diamond painting, baking/cooking, audio books and last but not least destroying the mom’s nerves. However, we’ve all survived and it seems that we get closer to each other…

Dominican Republic

Rousy Díaz and Roy Díaz are regular kids. They like going to school, playing with their friends and they go to church every Sunday. Because of the difficult economic situation in Dominican Republic their mother has to leave them and go to work in Europe to provide a better life for her kids.
She is a single mother and the oldest daughter now in charge of her siblings. They usually do Skype calls every day to see each other and discuss their routine and day. They miss their mother a lot and hope that soon they all can get back together.

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Sofia, 12 years old, lives in Egypt, Red Sea region. When quarantine started, she and her family were in Dahab, a small town by the sea. All activities and studies were cancelled and were transferred into online mode, even Sofia’s basketball trainings went online.
Her mom and dad stayed home too – Sofia’s step father is a musician and no music event we’re allowed to happen till now. Not to get bored at home he started gardening and involved Sofia in it – they both got great results and are now harvesting their own vegetables. Sofia’s mom is an interior designer, she continued to work but she had more time at home as well. Sofia was very happy to spend a lot of quality family time during quarantine.


Valerie, 7 year old. We live in Miami Beach, FL. In the middle of the March the quarantine started in FL. It was not too bad. We can be outside so we bought the bikes and did bike riding every evening. Valerie did the zoom regular and Russian schools. She missed her friends and all her activities (swimming pool, beach, tennis, gym, yoga, picnics).
The dad started a new project so he needed to attended zoom meetings from 9am till 6pm. The mom tried to keep the house in the peace. Did yoga, meditation, Spanish classes, cooked from the morning to the evening. Since the family bought the bicycles, they discovered a bike riding every day for 2 months of quarantine.


Snorri Karel 12 and Hanna 10 are Icelandic siblings that currently live in Switzerland with their parents and little sister. They found that quarantine was not so bad, they liked not having to go to school but didn’t like homeschooling that much. They did miss their friends in Switzerland though and wondered if the virus would disrupt their plans to visit their friends and family in Iceland on their summer break. (Wich it sadly did 🙁 )
They could enjoy some family time in quarantine and were very happy there was not a full-on lockdown where they lived so they could enjoy some much needed time outside their 3 bedroom apartment. Their father worked full time during quarantine and their mother kept their days as structured and normal as possible for them and their little sister.

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Annika (8), Leo (6), William (2) live in Winona Lake, Indiana, USA. One Friday morning they started their school day as usual, but when they left to go home, they didn’t know when they would be going back. They missed their friends and their teachers, but were over the moon excited about spending time at home, sleeping in, playing all day, exploring the woods nearby, and some extra iPad time. They did eLearning 3 days a week and absolutely rocked it. Their dad is an essential worker, so work life stayed the same for him. Their mom is a teacher, who stayed home with them while teaching remotely and running the household. It has been a great, low-stress, quality time with family. Annika, Leo and Will are thankful that everyone in their family is healthy and are praying for those affected.


Misha (8 yo) and Alesha (4 yo). In the middle of March self-isolation was announced in Moscow due to coronavirus. Parks and playgrounds were closed, as well as schools. Parents of the boys also switched to online working from home with occasional trips to a supermarket. It was recommended to remain at home at all times and avoid any contacts outside of your household. Alesha and Misha had to spend 8 week at home without having a possibility to go outside for a walk. Those were busy days from start till the end: school studies, kindergarten classes, painting, sport, communication with friends – all was done online with support from their parents. Learning ABC with mom, math with dad, playing board games all together in the evenings, cooking pizza, counting clouds in the sky and endless ambulances. During weekends the whole family was painting landscapes for the art class assignments at school and kindergarden.

Then, together with the parents, they relocated to the countryside where they could walk and play football every day. The football training sessions were still held online but at least they could practice on the real grass rather than barefoot in the apartment as they did before. This way self-isolation continued for 6 more weeks.


March 13th 2020 we would never forget – this is the date when the PM of Spain declared a state of alarm and a total lockdown throughout the country. In one day all public places were closed, families had to stay at home, except for necessary grocery shopping. Kids so used to spend most of their days in school, doing a lot of sports and taking advantage of beautiful Spanish weather all year round, found themselves locked in their apartments or houses and were prohibited to walk or play outside, let alone having social contacts with their friends or relatives.

Diana 5 and Nicole 7 spent 6 weeks on a strict quarantine with their mother. Their father was strangled working on Russia’s biggest island 12,000 km and 11 times zones away from his girls. Pre-covid plans were for the family to reunite in Russia and enjoy spring break on the sunny beaches of Dubai. But their flight got canceled last minute which made girls very upset. Quarantine was especially hard for Nicole as she is a very social girl, missed hanging around with her friends in school and on the beach, as well as her horseback riding lessons. She found it challenging to self motivate while studying online without a sense of competition from her peers. Nicole therefore poured out her frustration on her mum and younger sister. For Diana it was difficult to find the way to burn the excess of energy so she started drawing on walls and baking chocolate cakes almost every day. But most of all girls missed their father. In a desperate attempt to remotely participate in parenting of his daughters and help out mom, the girls’ father compensated with available resources which was online shopping. When the school was finished they managed to get to Russia to reunite with their father.

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We have 4 kids, Ivan 15, Odny 10, Even 8, Leif 5. Actually, our kids were quite happy in quarantine. First weeks they were very glad to have homeschool (they did miss friends and teachers, but like for a while). All the time in quarantine they had each other to play, to have fun, to talk, to fight🙈Everyday we were outside, kids swam in a cold North sea, read a lot, watch lots of movies. We were so lucky to get so much time together❤
Skype, teams, mobiles, internet- made quarantine so comfortable🙈
Father worked on oil platform, only once he got 1 extra week in the North Sea.In Norway quiet normal rotation on platform is 2 weeks on 4 weeks off.Mother is a housewife, so like always had fun with kids😊


Jasmin 9 y.o., Amir, 7 and Milana Aliya 9 months old were quarantined in the Kingdom of Bahrain. First, the schools were closed. Later, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, all children’s clubs were closed and borders were shut. Their dad was made redundant and sent on unpaid indefinite leave. In order to cut costs the family had to let go of their nanny and the maid. The kids studied online and were happy that they did not have to get up for school early in the morning and that both mom and dad were at home. The parents were not that happy as they had to cook, clean, sit the lessons with their children, do homework and school projects with them and deal with their undying energy.


Isabelle 7yo, Olivia 5yo, Margot 3yo and baby Rafael 7 months old were living in Melbourne when the lockdown began. Australia’s lockdown began a few weeks later than Europe, but nevertheless from one day to another the inevitable shutdown of the entire country took place.
Children couldn’t see their friends and grandparents for around 8 weeks and had to adjust to a remote life.
They could enjoy some family time in quarantine and were very happy there was not a full-on lockdown where they lived so they could enjoy some much needed time outside their 3 bedroom apartment. Their father worked full time during quarantine and their mother kept their days as structured and normal as possible for them and their little sister.

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